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All Of My Best Friends - Digital Album


When Y&F came together to write ‘All Of My Best Friends’ in late 2019, there were two strong themes that naturally emerged from within the hearts of the team - an unforced sense of togetherness and a clear purpose to serve the youth.

This collection of songs would hold even more significance as we entered into a brand-new decade with the reality of living out historic times together.

Recorded live from Summer Camp in Sydney Australia, our prayer is that this record would rally a generation around bold devotion and tireless truth, capturing the rawness of youth at its passionate best.

Tracklist for All Of My Best Friends Digital Album:

  1. World Outside Your Window
  2. Never Have I Ever
  3. Best Friends
  4. Indescribable
  5. As I Am
  6. Uncomplicated
  7. New Thing
  8. Need Your Love
  9. Glimpse
  10. Keep On
  11. All My Life
  12. Everything I Could Want
  13. Lord Send Revival
  14. World Outside Your Window - Studio
  15. Never Have I Ever - Studio
  16. Best Friends - Studio
  17. Indescribable - Studio
  18. As I Am - Studio
  19. Uncomplicated - Studio
  20. Need Your Love - Studio

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