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Brave Women Run In My Family - Digital Audio


Within the pages of the Bible we find many women whose lives left a powerful imprint on history. These fabulous "ancient sisters" are the BRAVE women who have gone before us and whose lives bring example and encouragement.  

In this series Bobbie unpacks aspects of their story in a manner that draws from both their strengths and weaknesses and in a way that is applicable to our everyday modern lives. Understanding the landscape of their surroundings and times, helps us understand ours. 

This series has been an all time favorite within the (Hillsong) Sisterhood. We are systematically working through the qualities of 40 amazing girls (the list is found in the back of the 2014 Colour Sisterhood bible), whose lineage of grace has so much to teach us.  

This series will inspire and bless you - and we're believing that your story will also become a testimony that says "brave women run in my family also". 


- Brave Women Run In Our Family
- Brave Women Run In Our Family: Eve
- Brave Women Run In Our Family: Sarah, Pt1
- Brave Women Run In Our Family: Sarah, Pt2

 Format: Digital Audio for Download