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Healthy Leadership Culture - Brian Houston

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Audio CD Pack

Ever wondered what being on Hillsong Church staff is like?

Each week, Pastor Brian gathers the collective staff of Hillsong Church in Australia and empowers them with practical tools and leadership lessons that will not only build the church, but build their lives. One of the biggest questions we get asked each and every week is 'How do you build Hillsong Church culture'?

In this teaching series from Pastor Brian, you will get a candid look into some of the key messages he is currently teaching his own team about exactly that. From building a healthy home to building a healthy culture, he unpacks how to develop the responsibility of 'culture carriers' into your team and congregation alike.

From the rules of the platform, responsibility that comes with teaching, to the importance of creating a sense of belonging and familiarity in every church campus - each message is filled with authentic, straight talking truth and Biblical principles that will encourage and empower you to lead in your sphere of influence.

Messages included:

- 10 Cultural Responsibilities I Will Embrace
- 30 Points On Culture For Preaching And Teaching
- Qualifications Of A Leader
- 7 Qualities Of A Spiritual Leader
- What Makes A Strong Leader Strong
- 7 Measurable Signs Of Progress
- 15 Steps To Disaster

Format: Audio CD Pack