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Love Is On The Way - Digital Audio


So often, the pressures of life can weigh on our hearts and minds, stopping us in our tracks and leaving our spirits crying out for rescue. "LOVE IS ON THE WAY", however is not simply a statement of rescue, but a shift in our thinking that God-of-the-Angel-Armies is actually present - Emmanuel, 'with us' - in the midst of our challenges. He is ever present, before us, alongside, all sufficient and indeed our rear guard.

In this series, Bobbie brings to life some of the key messages spoken to our Sisterhood and at Colour Conference that will give you courage, perspective and strength for the journey. May you relax into the teaching as she introduces us afresh to our soft-spoken, kind, gently and yet warrior Saviour - who with love in His eyes beckons us forward.

Included in this series as a gift is a beautiful version of "Broken Vessels" from Hillsong Worship.


- Love Is On The Way
- Grace, Grace
- Worship and Witness
- Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) [Alternate Version}