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My Spirit, My Responsibility - Digital Audio


My Spirit, My Responsibility explores what it means to take personal responsibility for what thoughts and meditations govern our spirit, as we walk through life’s failures, successes, partnerships and relationships, and endeavour to live a life that is obedient to Jesus Christ.  Over this twelve-part teaching series, Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, takes listeners on a journey of understanding the importance of keeping a ‘right spirit’ before God and man.  Life is full of reasons to get offended, or to live with regret, blame, and condemnation - yet the Word of God tells us to ‘take captive every thought’ and bring your spirit and your mind into obedience with Christ and His Word.  (1 Cor 10.5). 

Be encouraged as we explore what it means to guard our lives and look to the future with a pure heart and positive spirit.


1.    My Spirit - My Responsibility
2.    My Values - My Future Pt1
3.    My Values - My Future Pt2
4.    My Faith - My Victory
5.    My Faith - My Strength (Pt2 only)
6.    My Forgiveness - My Freedom
7.    My Salvation - My Freedom From Shame
8.    My Disappointment - My Proving Ground
9.    My Lord - My God
10.   My Hand - My Reach
11.   My Hand - My Heart

Format: Digital Audio for Download