To The Ends Of The Earth Digital Audio


"The United series has consistently delivered exciting, cutting-edge worship from the Friday night gatherings at Hillsong Church in Sydney and TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH continues the journey.

Highlights include the crashing opening riff from 'All About You', the stirring, modern rock sound of 'My God', the swirling, prayerful song of surrender 'All' , and the U2-influenced 'Father, I' which erupts with swathes of layered guitars."

1.     All About You (Intro)
2.     All About You
3.     Free
4.     Unify
5.     All...
6.     To The Ends Of The Earth
7.     Need You Here
8.     Glory
9.     Father, I...
10.   My God
11.   Now That You're Near
12.   Am I To Believe
13.   All About You (Radio Mix)
14.   My God (Radio Mix)