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Where's The Point? - Service Elements: Games

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"Where's The Point? - Service Elements: Games" is an easy to learn game that your kids can play with Funny Man Dan. Perfect as an Icebreaker or game to play at the start or end of your kids program, or duing hang time at your next VBS.

"Where's the Point?" is a fun group game with 5 different versions included or multiple sessions of play, or long lasting multi-round entertainment.

  1. Gather individual competitors at the front of the room facing the screen. We recommend you have an MC or kids leader interacting with children throughout.
  2. Play the video. It also includes the instructions on how to play at the start.
  3. Each round, participants should look in a direction of their choosing (up, down, left, right), trying to look in a different direction to Funny Man Dan’s pointing.
  4. When Funny Man Dan points those who are looking in a different direction win that round. Those who are looking in the same direction as Funny Man Dan is pointing do not win the round.
  5. The goal is to beat Dan for the most rounds. Can you defeat Funny Man Dan?

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BiG+ Service Elements is all the extra things you can use in your service or VBS program along side the teaching, worship, small group studies and activities in Big Curriculum. This series on Games allows you to run fun, interactive games throughout your service to help foster engagement and interaction with your kids.



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